About the Book, Eli's New Clothes

This is a gentle story about gender identity and self expression. When Chloe leaves for school one morning, she leaves her three favorite dolls having tea. The dolls come alive, and one doll shares that they don't feel comfortable in their puffy pink dress and sparkly shoes. The other dolls help them find more comfortable clothing in the toy bin, while discussing how being a true friend is about supporting and accepting others. It is an inspiring story about being your authentic self, kindness, and friendship.

What Inspired the Book?

Eli's New Clothes was inspired by the author's belief that every child should have the opportunity to relate to a literary character. While many wonderful stories portraying transgender characters can be found in children's literature, Ms. Mullen found that the majority of them are male-to-female characters. And so, Eli's New Clothes was born. This book tells the story of a female-to-male character, navigating the concept of self-expression, and encouraging gender non-conforming and transgender children to embrace being unique.